Are you ready to relax, refresh, and reconnect with yourself and your roots in the Motherland? 

The Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat is ten days of luxury beachfront accommodations, transformational workshops, gentle yoga, guided meditation, rejuvenating massage, delicious plant-based cuisine, and exciting excursions to bring you back home to yourself.
Don't miss this opportunity to recharge, explore Africa, make new friends, and go deeper into who you are and what your purpose is. You will come home with a whole new sense of yourself and who you are meant to be.
Every detail is taken care of by Soul-Healing Retreat Leader, Bestselling Author, and Transformational Coach, Trish Ahjel Roberts.

Black Vegan Life™ presents

the 2nd Annual

Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat

Feb 28 - Mar 8, 2024!




10 Days, 2+ vegan meals daily, air-conditioned, Black-owned beachfront double-occupancy accommodations. 24/7 tour guide on premises, daily meditation and/or yoga, and so much more! 



Watch the sunset as you listen to local music and drumming on the beach, enjoy 3 Soul-Healing workshops to awaken personal growth and aha! moments. Experience the African sunrise and take time for reflection and rejuvenation.


Tour and shop in Accra City markets, visit Cape Castle, hike the rainforest, enjoy local museums, cruise the Volta River, experience a Ghanaian naming ceremony, relax with a massage, and more!

Check out what people are saying about
Black Vegan Life™ retreats.

"The Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat was a complete spiritual transformation. Trish put together so much more than a retreat. It was definitely soul-healing. Everything was so perfect! I experienced such a sense of self-love and acceptance from both our group and the local people. I found out who God REALLY is in Ghana! I felt spiritually awakened and definitely healed. I feel like God gave me a bag of what I needed and when I came home I sorted it out and put all the pieces in the right places. It was amazing. I was extremely grateful and appreciative that Trish was able to put together so many incredible experiences in the time that we had. There was a point that I thought we were doing too much, but I realize that everything was carefully curated to create this powerful experience. I wouldn’t change a single thing. I recommend the Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat to any Black person seeking wholeness. I definitely found myself and so much more. Thank you, Trish, for this life-changing soul-healing retreat! My soul has been healed.”

- Chloe Colbert, Insurance Agent

"The Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat was so sweet. I felt an instant community among the group. As we returned to the Motherland it felt important to connect to our history and each other. I was ready for the trip to be special and profound, and it was. I felt a lot more grounded and centered when I returned home. I can’t think of any way to make this trip better. It was an emotional and spiritual experience for me. If I had done it on my own it wouldn’t have been the same. Trish’s leadership and guidance helped me come out of my shell and be more outgoing than usual. I recommend the Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat to our Black youth in their teens and twenties as well as their parents. I know this trip would have a huge impact on their lives.”

- Wendell Bohannon, Contact Center Manager

"Everything was well planned and exceeded my expectations. The itinerary was full and flowed well. As a retired teacher, the educational component had the biggest impact on me. It’s love that heals us, and during the retreat I truly felt LOVE. Love from everyone we saw in the markets, restaurants and venues. It touched my soul and was really soul-healing. Everywhere we went it felt like the red carpet was rolled out for us. Even the doormen at our beautiful hotel held the door for us like royalty every time. The plant-based cuisine was delicious and plentiful. Everything tasted really fresh and prepared with love. The support we felt from Trish and her team was above and beyond. The meditations and workshops were an extra special treat. I recommend this retreat to any Black people who have a desire to know more about who they are.”

- Pat Almond, Retired Educator

"My wife had been working with Trish for over a year and came to me saying she really wanted to go on The Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat. Everything worked out beautifully thanks to Trish. From applying for the visa to being met at the airport. Everything was so professional. We had a tour guide and a driver 24/7 which alleviated all of my concerns. I have been on a spiritual journey for some years to know who and what I am and understand my true self. This trip has helped me along my journey. I feel like I've been born again. I feel like my soul has been healed. I think every African American should experience this. If you visit Ghana with Trish, don't worry - everything is taken care of.

- Willie Almond, Retired U.S. Army Officer 

"The Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat was phenomenal. It was relaxing, spiritual, and included plenty of movement. It was wonderful to see all the beautiful faces and people. Certain moments I feel speechless. It’s hard to describe what a wonderful experience I had. I had a nice supportive roommate and really enjoyed our group overall. Visiting the Cape Coast and Elmina dungeons was my favorite part of the trip because it made me feel most spiritually connected to my ancestors. As a certified archivist, I really embraced the museums and art installations.  I loved it when the drummers sang “Welcome Home” during the naming ceremony on our last day. For me, it was a spiritual transformation from start to finish. I recommend the Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat to my family, friends, and Black folks who want to break past the false stereotypes and experience Africa for themselves.”

- Felicia Render, Curator 

"When I made the decision to go on the Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat, I didn’t know what to expect. I was amazed to see how happy our people are despite being in a “developing country.” I loved the yoga and meditation.  It was nice not having to feel oppressed. My experience visiting Cape Coast and the slave dungeons was both somber and uplifting. I was moved by the fact that I was able to stand on the ground where my ancestors were chained, beaten, starved, and brutalized. It gave me a renewed sense of purpose and has me wondering how I can contribute to Ghana. The whole experience was magical and uplifting. While I was there, a reporter asked me why I didn’t move back home. Since then, I’ve been thinking about that question. I feel like a whole new woman with a new attitude. Perhaps the reporter is right, and one day I will move back “home.” This was an absolutely beautiful experience. I recommend the Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat for any Black person who wants to feel more connected to the Motherland and to themselves.”

- Delores Rapoport, Wealth Manager 

"Overall, we had a marvelous experience at the Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat. It felt like everyone was an entrepreneur, especially the “head porters” who carried items for sale on their heads. The bead-making workshop made us more appreciative of how beads are made. It was interesting to find out they were made of recycled glass. The baobab tree is the “tree of life” because it preserves a lot of water even during the drought seasons. We had been studying the benefits of baobab as it relates to health. We never thought we would see it in real life. It was a spiritual experience seeing and touching the tree in Africa. The food was authentic with a great variety. We really enjoyed the homemade sorrel and the baobab drinks. Being part of a group truly enhanced our experience. We look forward to more soul-healing retreats with Trish and her team in the future!"

- Mary and Herman Brown, Entrepreneurs

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We are here to welcome you to Ghana as family!

Get ready for beautiful collaborations between Soul-Healing Retreat Leader, Transformational Coach, and Bestselling Author, Trish Ahjel Roberts, and collaborators and teachers from the U.S. and Ghana.

  • Ghana Expat, CEO of Global Resolve Africa, and Former President of the African American Association of Ghana, Sherrie Thompson will share her insights with us over dinner. Make sure to catch her episode of the Mind-Blowing Happiness™ Podcast HERE.
  • Stay tuned for more!

Enjoy a short video from the 2023 Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat.

This video does not begin to cover all the amazing experiences we had, but it will give you a taste of Ghana! Enjoy!

Check out the Mind-Blowing Happiness™ Podcast!

Enjoy an episode of the Mind-Blowing Happiness™ Podcast with 2023 Ghana Soul-Healing Retreat participant, Chloe Colbert.


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