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"I’ve participated in many event experiences curated by Trish Ahjel Roberts, from her Black Vegan Life™ Day Retreats to her Passion Quest Mind-Body-Soul Group Coaching Program for Black Women, and the Mind-Blowing Happiness Circle. Through her events, I’ve met wonderful people and built lifelong friendships. I learned how to understand myself better, make more space for self-care, and move past some of the things that were holding me back. I highly recommend her programs and events. There is always precise attention to detail, amazing energy, excellent resources, and plenty of opportunities to make new and positive connections. If you’re thinking about building your confidence and making changes in your life, she will provide you with the guiding hand you need to move forward. "

-Nichole Jackson, Risk Manager

"Trish creates wonderful retreats to simply be and tune in to what really matters - being whole. While on a weekend yoga retreat with Trish in the Georgia mountains, I was able to disconnect from the busyness of modern living and reconnect with my intention to nourish my body and soul while in a beautiful serene environment. I returned to daily life refreshed and with an improved sense of well-being. The day retreats are also a great wellness booster. At the day retreats, I gained valuable resources to support continued progress with my wellness goals. You are sure to have a delightful wellness experience with Trish!"

- Melissa Jones, Health Educator

"I've been a member of the Black Vegan Life™ meetup in Atlanta since 2015. I've attended so many great events and made so many friendships. The retreats I've attended have all been well-organized, insightful, and fun. They were always at a time when I needed something to help relax me and aid in my continued relaxation when I was done. She provided a lot of coping mechanisms to help in my daily life to ensure my mind, body, and soul alignment. I always learn something new and appreciate the opportunity to take time out for my personal growth. "

- Ebony Dixon, IT Manager

"I attended the Black Vegan Life™ retreat in the North Georgia mountains in 2017. Every detail was accounted for. Each workshop had excellent content, and the yoga and meditation sessions were wonderful. It was a life-changing experience for me. I've also had a lot of fun hiking, eating at amazing vegan restaurants, and even visiting an animal sanctuary. I've experienced so many new things and met so many wonderful people with this group!"

-Tamara Guillou, Corporate Executive

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Do you want to learn how a vegan lifestyle intersects with and supports social justice?

Christopher "Soul" Eubanks, Founder of APEX advocacy delivers his lecture, "Introduction to Veganism, Anti-Speciesism, and Collective Liberation" virtually to Black Vegan Life™ members. Now you can watch even if you missed the event. Learn more about Chris' work at